Coca Cola 600 Tickets

No one seems to want tickets for the 50th running of the Coca Cola 600. My mother received 2 tickets to the race on Sunday, but of course, she does not want to go, because she doesn’t see the point in running around in a circle, I agree. I thought my father might want to go, but apparently going once in 1995 was enough for him. The calls began going out to the family, my cousin didn’t want them unless they were for the speedway club, because his father in-law can get him tickets to any race he wants. No one else related to the family wants them because, well, no one else in my family is a redneck. Next went out the calls the the friends of the family, no immediate friends wanted the tickets. Finally though, my father found a friend-of-a-friend, his nickname is “copper head”, and he accepted the tickets. I thought races at LMS in May used to be a big deal. Maybe times have changed and people are getting more sophisticated? Either that, or we are entering a world of the yuppie redneck who wants to be in the air-conditioned boxes.