Round Knobs Suck

I have decided something recently in my kitchen, round knobs on lids and round handles on pans, suck. Anything with a single screw is absolutely stupid. Cookware should be able to be held completely still, and not be dependent on the obedience of a single screw. I have made this decision after having cleaned by new 12″ skillet/fry pan and its lid for the first time this morning. It has a double-post strap handle on the lid and a sturdy handle that is attached firmly to the pan with 3 rivets. My old pan had a handle and a knob that would spin. That made cleaning an absolutely bitch, go to scrub the lid, and the lid starts spinning like a fucking top.

My new pan is a Calphalon Non-stick One CR1394, the old was a Pampered Chef “non-stick” pan. The new pan weights at least twice what the old pan weighed, cleans a lot easier and things don’t spin. Originally the PC pan was replaced because it 1. it spun in place on the burner (not good for stirring), 2. its knob spun (not good for cleaning) and 3. its handle spun (not good for anything).