Lenses of Fantasy

Everyone remember the picture of the lens that looked like a torpedo a few weeks ago? No? Well, here. I went to go see this beauty in person. I went to Best Buy (I so desperately miss Circuit City) and asked to see the lens on a D60. That turned out to be difficult, so I was shown the lens on a D40 (close enough, just a difference of the sensor). The things I noticed about the lens were that it is clearer than my 55-200mm AF-S lens, the extra 100mm of lens DOES matter, and finally, the lens is more light receptive than my other lenses, making it better for low-light situations with a lower aperture. I went to look at the lens because I am giving it serious consideration, and before I got too far decided on the lens I wanted to make sure that the weight wasn’t unbearable with the low weight of the body (which Chris still calls a tank, against his petite Nikon P90). The optics and focusing mechanism of the 70-300mm lens is absolutely incredible. I now understand the cost associated with the lens. Now that I have decided to get the lens I just have to decide where to buy it from and figure out where to find the money (if only my desires came with a built-in ATM).

I do consider the concept of purchasing the lens to be a good investment in advancing my photography, since there is a clear difference in the clarity of the optics.