Family Social Networking Awkwardness

I really don’t like that my family has started venturing to the realm of the Internet. It was more than ok with they found their way to to spend $1000s per year on books and other crap they don’t really need, and it was even ok when they began e-mailing me (once they figured out that the Internet is more than an electronic Walmart), I can deal with that. Now, we have reached the next phase. I decided to unhide myself on Facebook for a few weeks, just let myself be searchable instead of being stealth. I thought if there was anyone wanting to find me that didn’t know my e-mail address, it would make that easier. A few days into this whole being not hidden thing I get a notification that a cousin that I really don’t like would like to add me as a friend on Facebook, that one was simple enough, I just ignore the request. Now, my favorite aunt has decided to join the world of Facebook, and has requested to add me. This places me in a position where I really do not know the proper course of action. I like my family fine for the most part, but they have a tendency to ask questions about things and be overly nosey. If I let one of them in, then the rest will want in and as I was recently informed, my immediate family is now to a count of about 25 people (and apparently at least one more pending). There is info in there that would just be a little too much for my family to deal with, especially with things like this blog, and we all know how lovingly I have spoken of my family over the years in this blog. I guess this goes back to the old billboard metaphor, “Don’t post anything on the Interwebs that you wouldn’t want on a billboard”. Well, I don’t follow that too well, but usually I am bright enough to keep that type of shit under a different alias, but as of late I have been less interested in aliases, as they merely complicate things. I really don’t know why I have such a problem with my family, I guess I just feel like they don’t understand me, and giving them this level of access would only make things worse.

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