Packing the Bag

I have been delaying packing the toploading bag for the D90 because I really had no clue what to put in it when I was in the same room with the bag and all of the potential things to put in it. It is starting to seem a little clearer now that I am away from all of the things that I could possibly put in the bag.
1. Nikon D90 (main compartment)
2. Nikon AF-S 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (in side bag)
3. EL-EN3a Battery (pocket)
4. Nikon Moist Wipes
5. Nikon Lens Pen
6. Nikon Compact Micro-fiber Cleaning cloth
7. C-PL filter (once I buy it as 67mm)
8. Spare memory card
9. USB card reader
10. Nikon ML-L3 remote
That’s what I plan to keep in the bag full time. Other accessories that will need to go along from time to time will be things like the SB-600 flash and the Gorillapod. I have to find some way to attach both of these to the bag for those situations. The problem comes from the fact that there isn’t an existing system by which all of these things happily attach to the toploader, so I’m going to have to improvise and come up with my own attachment techniques.
Anybody see anything I missed that should be in the bag? Anything that seems out of place?