Bad Photography

This is one of those things that really gets me bothered by the standards that are used to determine what is acceptable in media. This is the most awful group portrait I have ever seen. I think my family portrait came out better (and I wasn’t even behind the camera for it). The first thing that stands out to me is Associate Justice Ginsberg appears to have not received the memo about the placement of the camera. Thomas and Scalia seem to have not finished their conversation yet, and the rest of the front row seems bored. Alito in the back seems to be contemplating some great topic. Not a bad pose for an individual portrait, but not good for a group shot. The framing of the shot is also off, as the curtain runs out, just before the end of the frame on the right. I feel like the shot could be better composed and could be helped by a bit of cropping. Also, it is usually a good idea to inform someone you are taking their photo if you actually want them to look at you. Usually a red-eye reduction flash fire, or an actual flash fire a second before the shot will do this adequately and without much confusion (even the blind are likely to turn at the sound of the discharge/recharge sounds of the flash).