Project 365 Substitution Rules

I have just been thinking about Project 365 in a more administrative capacity than usual. So far, I have made 33 days without missing a day, but I still have to repeat that 11 more times before the end of the project. My question is now this: What is to happen in the event of a missed day? What about if there is a loss of photos due to technical issues? There are many things that COULD go wrong. The best answer I can come up with at the moment is a representative image as a “substitution”. In this concept the missed day would be made up as soon as possible after the original day. For example, if a day is missed due to illness, perhaps the day you are well, you take a photograph of a medicine bottle or something similar. This seems to work well in theory, but how does it work for the project based on its own rules? Is a substitution day a cheat? I think it would be silly to have to start the project over after getting into it and being reliable, and then having a day missed due to illness or other responsibilities.

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  1. Make up a list of (let’s say 25 or so) challenges. Things that require work on your part to achieve. By work, I don’t just mean technical challenges, but shots that challenge your personal self.
    Here’s your first one:
    A Proper self-portrait (IE: no hiding)

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