Extending a Hobby

I have decided this morning to make a fairly bold move in my consideration of working with film photography. I have purchased a Nikon N80D, 5 rolls of Fujifilm ISO 400 BW film, an developing tank and an assortment of chemicals required for the developing process (wetting agent, developer, stop bath, fixer). Before this morning it was pretty hypothetical, but I decided (in my sleep deprived state) that the thoughts of not doing it at all were irrational and that if I did that, I would regret it. I do not foresee doing a lot of film photography, but at least if I want to, the option is available to me. Normally my order from Adorama would have been packed today, but due to the Jewish holiday of Purim, the order will not ship until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

I am having buyer’s remorse already, but I think I will get over it once I spend some time with the camera. I will need to practice my dark room techniques as well as maybe spending some time trying to learn how to make impressive photographs with contrast, shadow and light.