Last Few Tweaks

I believe that the majority of ExIf 35’s major goals have been implemented now. I just spent the last hour working in support for tagging/adding keywords to images. It’s a little feature that I didn’t really give much thought to at first because it’s not something I do with my digital photos. I have added it as a possibly useful feature at some later point when usefulness maters. I have tested the mechanism’s output with both ACDSee and Flickr, both of them accept the way that I have done it, which works for me as a test of success (since those are the primary things I would care about tags in). I have also refined the handling of the 0XA300 (File Source) ExIf tag, as well as its related fields in other specs (“DigitalSourceType” in Iptc4xmpExt, and a duplicate for the expected output of ExIf in /xmp/ExIf35 as “FileSource”). The application is almost finished being written for its original goals. Before I begin working on any new goals I will have to get another developer to help me go through, clean up some code and then perhaps get that developer (yeah, if he reads this, he will know who he is) to use his wonderfully talented aesthetic eye to help me plan a few ideas for menus or other UI elements to allow the expanding of functionality of the application.

I guess once I finish with the next build all I have to do for the next little bit is try to work on the webpage for the app, which at the moment is very much too bare: