ExIf 35 – Re-evaluating an Abandoned Project

I started the ExIf 35 project (http://exif35.pcfire.net) in 2010 when I returned to shooting film. Perhaps I’m metadata obsessed, or just crazy, but I decided I wanted good ExIf data on my scans of film photos. In the six years since I started the project I allowed myself to reach a point where I felt […]

Comma Separated Volumes

In my professional work I have had to do a lot of custom coding for things, just because people I work with are “special” and generally don’t do things in a standard way. I’m fine with that, actually, I love that. There are some things that I feel as though I shouldn’t have to “custom […]


Working on GITI’s third version has been harder than any of the previous versions. V1 was an experiment that grew into a mostly-functional personal information manager. From the start is barely did anything beyond schedule items and some basic educational tracking stuff (assignment-level stuff). V2 grew out of V1 being structurally inadequate for the mission […]

ExIf 35 Build 20130520

ExIf 35 0.2.20130521 May 21, 2013 ——————– Release Information: *Released as Windows Executable *Released as Windows Installer System Requirements (PC): *Must be running Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 *Supports Windows 2000 and higher *Software is developed and tested on Windows 7 Changes: *Implemented the ability to import exposure data from the ‘EXIF4FILM’ Android application by CodeUnited. […]

Making ExIf 35 Mobile

The first application that I intend to write for Android will be a mobile version of my own ExIf 35 application. I have chosen to do this for several reasons. First, I need an application that has a clear purpose to write for my first application while I am learning. Second, at the current time […]

Why I will never write for iOS

Mobile application development is becoming a big deal in computer programming lately. I am very late to this particular game.  I have considered writing mobile software since the initial releases of ExIf35, when people asked for a version that would work on iPhone. Unfortunately, I have decided that I will never write for iOS as […]

ExIf 35 Build 20121117

I spent some time working on ExIf 35 today. I got a large amount done regarding the implementation of auto-complete fields in both the main interface as well as in the add exposure window. This is only the third new build that I have produced since I stopped production of new builds in June 2010. […]

Reconsidering the ExIf35 Panel

Is this box intimidating? After being away from it for almost 2 years it was intimidating to me when I returned to it a few weeks ago. Obviously this is not a useful form for anyone that is not both an expert at photography and in data entry. I think this form is absolutely horrendous […]

Adding Rotation to ExIf35

About 2 years ago when I thought I wanted to do film photography I started working on an application called ExIf35. The idea was to have the same level of data storage in JPEGs from a film scanner as those found in DSC (Digital Still Camera) image files. One of the biggest pains that I […]