Making Preparations for Developing

I have shot almost half of my first roll of film, not a lot by any means, but I feel that I am now in a position where I should begin preparing for developing. All of my stuff is here already, but I now have to begin preparing for actually doing this. Getting all of the stuff together was no big deal, but now I’m nervous (in an excited kind of way). I have never done anything like this, and so far everything like this has been easy for me, and all of my art has been very low risk, but things could go wrong here and I have to prepare myself for that. My biggest worry at present is the fact that my developer solution doesn’t list information for my film and my developer is not listed on the master developer list; therefore, I have had to guess at the developing time for my film (guessing 6 minutes from available info). I had to locate a developing solution on the master list that matched the qualities for the film and time combinations listed on my bottle. It turns out that based on that information, my developer is a good match for Illfotec LC29 in a 1/19 mixture. My developer recommends a 1/19 mixture itself, which makes their data match even better, so I just hope that it is right. Unfortunately there is no way to tell until a roll has been developed and fixed how the timing will work out. All that can be done is a time adjustment on future rolls. Now I just have to teach myself to put film on the reel and set up some sort of orderly procedure for the developing process (I smell another software development project coming for timing the processes).

My equipment is here.