Still an ExIf No Go

I am still trying to wrap my head around everything in ExIf. The Strings are no big deal, they just convert cleanly to byte arrays and go into the file, but I don’t even know where to begin making things the right format for everything else. If anyone can make any sense of this, please see the documents below, and if you think you can help, request to be added to the project on SourceForge so you can have SVN access to active code. Defines the types I am forced into using Gives some examples of the fields and their values (still not helpful, since it doesn’t give me the raw input form) The tags, in order, that VS supports. My source code. Feel free to poke around.


The problem:

Everything has to be converted to an array of bytes (byte[]). I do not know how to get things like 1/100, 2.8/1 and 50/1 into the proper forms (see first link above) to put them into the byte array. I am just so incredibly frustrated at this point.