What is deserving of film?

What images are deserving of being stored on film? As I have only taken 7 exposures of film so far I have found myself thinking about this a good bit. I don’t think I would want to us film for special occasions, as there are way too many things that could go wrong, and yet, I don’t want to use film for frivolous photography because film is expensive. I suppose this puts film in the category of “serious art photography”, but I don’t like that, as I don’t think “serious” and “art” go together, one pollutes the other. I do believe I want to use film only for art photography and not for the other purposes mentioned. I still question what I should shoot as I don’t think I have ever thought about photography in this way. With clay I have to put a lot of effort and focus into what I do because the clay is precious. When thinking about it, film is even more precious because while you can make a bowl, even though it may be a bad bowl, it still has all of the basic properties of a bowl, it can hold things. With film, a bad exposure is just that, a bad exposure. I suspect my problem here in the question of what deserves film is more or less about my compositional skill, which at the moment is pretty non-existent. With digital I shoot until things look right, with film I don’t have that option. Perhaps it’s time for me to wander around with a viewfinder to my head and answer my own question.