Another semester almost finished

It is hard to believe that yet another semester is almost over. It feels like it has snuck up on me. This morning GITI popped up with information for my first final exam of the semester. This semester has gone by quite quick, and I feel like it had really just gotten going. I have been more active this semester with a variety of things than I have been in a lot of semesters. I have developed a sense of direction on things, and have begun to embrace the uniquely eclectic nature of my interests. It is interesting to see how so many of them can connect and interact.

There is one thing that has gone abandoned this semester… GITI. The Getting It Together Interface has not received any substantial code changes, and I have not even begun planning for its summer maintenance period (those 10 days between Spring and Summer semester, and the month between Summer and Fall). There are some changes that I started on last year that I will try to finish up this year, but otherwise nothing else is yet planned. I feel as though I really need to get GITI finished this summer, since I will likely be graduating soon, and it would be nice to have it finished, even if it will never be used for academic tasks by anyone again. I can’t believe I started working on GITI during the summer of 2003. Its been in development for 7 years, which I guess is good for something that was only supposed to be a temporary solution between professional apps.  This is the longest I have kept any one application for any task (I switch email clients about yearly), and also the longest I have kept up with any one project. I guess GITI has a special place in my life. Central location for most everything in my life. Now that I am struggling with C# programming I am still thinking of GITI, trying to work out ways for everything to go back to that one central point. Even with things like ExIf35 I think of how could it would be if I could make everything roam back to GITI, and just have everything centrally managed. If GITI were to have a 3rd version, it would have to include web, mobile and desktop components, so that all aspects of everything (being quite literal here) could be tracked in GITI.

I can’t say that in general this has been the most productive semester in terms of number of papers written, and other things with a tangible significance, but I do feel that I have made a lot of progress in figuring out who I am, mellowing out my personality a little, and getting to a point where I am comfortable with everything that comes with being me.