Lens Selected: f/2.8 60mm AF-S

image I have selected the Nikkor AF-S f/2.8 60mm lens for this summer. It has been selected from the options because it has an attractive aperture and will work well on an FX body. Additionally, of the macro candidates, it has the best focusing distance. The FX rear element will also allow me the freedom to add an extension tube between the body and lens to shorten the focusing distance even further (perhaps to 4 or 5 inches instead of 8). On a DX lens this extension might not be possible because of angular distance issues.

It was pointed out to me by a friend that 60mm is more correct for my usual summer adventures than a long zoom. Having 15x of zoom, ending at 270mm would be a greatly versatile lens, but wouldn’t add to my photographic range. 60mm isn’t a greatly powerful lens, but its focusing distance will allow me to do macro in a lot higher quality.

A very minor advantage of the lens is that is uses a 62m front filter, which I can buy a simple adapter ring to make my current 67mm filters fit.