Committing Myself to Macro

I have just done something that I don’t know if it is silly or not. I have just purchased a Nikon AF-S 60mm f/2.8 lens. The lens is intended for macro. Until now all of my macro shots have been done with my standard lenses using a close-up/macro conversion kit. Now I will have native macro in this lens. I can also go to the full range, going to infinity as well, but its all in one little lens. 60mm is hardly a normal focal length for me, but I assume I will adapt well to it. I haven’t been doing a lot of macro lately because of the difficulty with using the filters with the lenses (picking the right diopter, humidity causing them to fog, etc). I am hoping this will renew my interest in the topic and allow me to explore it further.

I will return to the world of the detailed and tiny, and perhaps remind myself how to actually manually focus (since I am too wobbly for AF to matter at that size).  This is the lens that I have been considered for a while now and I finally just decided to crack and get it, especially since yesterday I really wanted it in my aunt’s yard. Every decent flower photo of mine, macro or not, has been taken in her yard.

Tuesday I guess I will get the chance to see if I still enjoy macro as much as I think I do. Might just have to grab Chris’ SB-900 and see what the two do together 🙂