An Update: July 1, 2010

Hello Reader(s). It has been a while since I have blogged, over a month for any real entries.  I suppose you could say that I’ve been keeping to myself a bit lately. Not a major amount happening in my life. I have spent some time this month working on some stuff for my aunt and trying to help her get things ready for her big July 4th party that she does every year. For once it seems like other people are helping too, which means less for me to do, but also less time for Chris and myself to spend alone with my aunt. Other than that I’ve been spending a little more time working on ceramics, mostly developing ideas. I’ve thrown exactly one night in the last month. It didn’t go bad and I feel like I turned out some more creative things than I usually do in these middle of the night sessions.

I’ve found myself trying hopelessly to find meaning in my life. I need direction. I’m 25 years old and I have no clue what to do with my life. Shouldn’t I have developed more of an understanding of what I want to be by now? I’m pretty decent at photography and enjoy it, even the technical side of things, but yet there are many days when I look at the work Chris does and think how much better he is with it. I suppose its just a matter of practice and learning how to properly use available light. I have returned to being bored most of the time, resulting in me sleeping odd hours and not really knowing how to fill up my time. I need substance in my life to be happy. It also doesn’t help that this feels like the hottest summer ever, making it difficult to be outside.

I am lacking things to be excited about, and keep hoping that one day the so far fruitless quest will result in something that will make me long-term happy.