Refining the Online Presence

I feel like I have been fighting with my digital identity for a long time now. I start on these little projects of integrating things and it just never seems to all come together. I was originally intending to work with SiteEngine to have a central place for all of the content related to me. Now, I’m not sure exactly what I want as an end result, but I do know that 1 central place is not something that has ever worked for me, no matter how good of an idea it may seem. I think the best I will be able to do is integrate my blog, status, and other RSS-compatible systems into a central site (probably under the address). I have decided that I would very much also like to have a less dynamic site that is more of a portfolio of my work, spanning the areas of ceramics, programming and photography. The site would focus a lot on my work, perhaps even some of my thoughts on my work, but no where near as detailed about me as the ClayMentality site. The problem with the portfolio idea is that I would have to take a lot of photos for the ceramics portion, do screenshots that show my programming projects in a flattering way and sort through my existing photos to showcase my best. Somewhere in all of this I also want to fit in room for my Curriculum Vitae and/or a resume. Every time it comes to developing something like this for myself I find myself getting distracted and moving on to other projects that don’t involve having to organize things that are from my complicated life.