Weekend Plans

It seems as though most weekends I don’t have a problem picking what to do. Most weekends I don’t have multiple options floating around. This weekend is a bit of an overload. I have been asked to go to my cousin’s softball tournament on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday it is roughly 9am until 12pm, on Sunday its closer to 1pm until 5pm. Also this weekend is the Schiele Museum’s Pirate Invasion. The invasion is 9am until 5pm on Saturday and 1pm until 5pm on Sunday. Really convenient, right? I would love to go to both days of both events, but changes of that happening are pretty much 0. Also, my sleep is screwed up again, so not much chance of being a stable early bird or being able to stay up late after the softball games. What shall I do? I’ve been to numerous softball games and tournaments, but this is the last tournament of the season, but also, its the last major presentation of the Pirates exhibit at the Schiele.

The third option is to sleep in both days.