A Thought on Status

I have been thinking about my “status” architecture for GITI. At present I can tell GITI my status directly, through the UI, or by sending it an email (must be done from my phone at this time, as it only accepts 1 address). GITI will in turn post to Twitter, which Facebook picks up on. I was just thinking the other day that it seems that this practice may have become quickly outdated. While being totally out of contact I post status updates by emailing GITI, what about when I don’t have my phone close, but I am near somewhere with WiFi and have the iPod with me? It would make most sense to open the Twitter app on the device and post my status there, and let it be disseminated out, but what about GITI? What happens to GITI’s records? They are forgotten and so is any web app that uses my status from GITI. Perhaps the key here is to let GITI check Twitter and sync my statuses for me.