Hidden Features in GITI

Sometimes I get distracted, so distracted in fact that I forget to do things that one might consider important, especially when writing code. It would seem that about a year ago when I wrote code for adding batches of assignments to GITI I thought far enough ahead to add a “batch stamp” to the assignment records so that assignments added together could be traced together. The failing here is that when I remembered to write the code to make the stamp I failed to remember to write the proper code to actually use the stamp for anything in the UI itself. Chris accidentally added a batch of assignments to the wrong course (nothing wrong with it, I did it at least 5 times when I first started using the batch add system), and short of checking all of their little boxes on the pending assignment page and doing a bulk change there is no good way to assign them to a different course (and at this moment, I try to recall if it will change the course serial number or just the course code on the assignment). So, oops… I forgot to write the code to call back a batch of assignments. I guess I add that to my list of bugs to workout as Education crosses over to the v3 platform.