iPod Touchiness

Due to a very kind friend I now have an iPod Touch. I have spent a few days with it and I must say that I love it. It is much different than what I expected. It is so much more than a music player and even beyond a PDA. The device is so versatile. The main reason I like it is all of the apps. I have downloaded apps for Twitter, flickr, NWS radar, UPS tracking, Kindle, and the Blackboard Learning Suite. Oh, and one for blogging, which I am currently using. In so many cases it can replace a laptop for basic tasks, and it stays out of the way most of the time. I was a little skeptical of getting the device at first because it is an Apple and I had before sworn to never use one of their devices. So far I am hooked. I do find myself wanting a Bluetooth keyboard or stylus input.

One thing I don’t understand is why people have so many typos on these devices.

One thought on “iPod Touchiness

  1. I think I’d like this printed out and framed… 😛
    btw, I know bluetooth keyboards work with the iPad, can’t recall if they work with others (but the ones ofr iPad are nifty and small)… as for a stylus, you can google how to make your own… has to be made using specific materials… however, for both cases, you’ll find your need for them will lessen the more you use the device

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