Worry About The Test

I just finished my first test in Intro to Sociology and I am a bit worried. I have spent the last 5 days working on and off on the essay test answering four questions. The general idea was that the answers to the four test questions would come from the four lectures that were posted to the course. I listened to the lectures and took notes on them, and then answered the question pertaining to each lecture. The instructor asked for answers to be about 2 pages in length for each question, with a total test length of 8 pages. I am a little nervous at the moment because I am worried that I wrote too much directly from the lectures and not enough analysis and person contribution to the material. I have two answers that are about 1.5 pages in length, then one that is 4 pages long and yet another that is 3.5 pages long. I worry about the variability of the length and the fact that the whole test was supposed to be 8 pages long and mine is 12 pages. Did I write too much? Did I write not enough? Did I write the wrong thing? I feel like I have a good understanding of the material, but I’m not entirely sure that I have managed to articulate that understanding into the test that well.

I would post the paper here for review, but unfortunately, the course is still active so that would be frowned upon by most academic integrity polices.