Considering Project 365 Again

It has been almost a year since I started project 365, but unfortunately, I abandoned it around day 120. Now that it is coming back around to that time of year again, I’m considering trying again. I have been pretty lame at the whole photo thing lately, not really doing any for fun, just when they were needed. I have too many lenses and too much photo equipment to be this lame. I don’t know when I would want to resume the project, but it would seem almost appropriate somehow to start over on the day I started the initial attempt. This will give me about three weeks from this point to get back in the habit of doing a photo each and every day. I know some days I am less inspired than others, or some days I am inspired differently. I am going to consider carefully my themes and how I want to go about this. I do know for certain that I liked the idea of doing the notebook, both physical and electronic. No more sticky sheets and printed labels though, I will be printing my photos for the project myself and trying to update the notebook about once per week (last time I did a month, that was painful).

I would on this attempt appreciate any peer support I can get. If anyone wants to join me and try to do the project with me, it starts on September 25th. Let me know if you want to join me and I’ll set up a site for multiple people on the same project. BTW, I don’t care if I don’t know you, or if I know you and haven’t spoken to you in years, if you want to attempt to take a photograph every day for a full year, I want to hear from you.