Vicious Christians

Tomorrow night is the deadline for the discussion board in my History and Systems class and things are heating up quite a bit. Below are some examples from the course discussion board about this week’s topic.

“Hopefully there is someone out here who is looking to find the thruth and uses this class,discussion board topic and/or the reading and begans to walk toward to right path.In addition I don’t have the stats as of right now but theCountry is getting worse as more and more people are Atheist, devil worshipers etc.”

It would seem that because I do not believe the same what that I do that I am suddenly a devil worshipper. I do not recognize any being, so why would I recognize a devil more than a God?

“Amen Girl, Great post…….. Those who fail to believe in God have little substance not to mention they have NO idea what they are missing. I agree we all have changed and that in itself is evolution. But God created us and know one to DATE has proven otherwise.”

Because I use my brain and look for logical evidence I lack substance, but these people who believe absolutely in a being who exists in the ether are absolutely substantial?

“Because they are scientist, they feel they have no need to believe in the supernatural or because science is considered the ultimate source of intellectual meaning, their pride gets in the way. “

I am agnostic because I am too proud of being scientifically minded to allow myself to believe in God?

"They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised”

Just a biblical quote, but it is aimed at anyone who believes in science. From the perspective of the Bible being created as a social engineering tool, to manipulate people into a belief system, it would make sense for there to be built-in safe-guards against thinking outside of the religion.

I personally will be really glad when this week is over so that the witch hunt can subside and I won’t have to feel like there are 24 spritzer bottles of holy water aimed in my general direction. I wish to co-exist with these people and have no need to judge their beliefs, only to respect the differing views, but yet they are all about the accusations and the conversion.