Disconnected from the blog

In recent weeks I have become increasingly more disconnected from this blog. This blog (in its original form) was started on August 23, 2004, my first day as a university student. Now I find new topics and new thoughts hard to bring to this blog. Perhaps it is the uncertainty of the future that creates this distance, however, I began this blog as a Management Information Systems student, and ended up graduating as a psychology major. Obviously when I started this blog I had no clue what was going to happen, and now is no different. The logic prevails, but still I do not feel like I can make the transition. Journaling is critical to some of my thought processes, so I must find a way past this “difficulty”.

I have concerns about this blog because it has majority been related to my undergraduate coursework, but at the same time it has been very personal. Now I have to decide what I want this blog to be. Is it a vault to be sealed? Is it just a personal journal? Could it be something that I utilize during my graduate studies as a serious academic blog? I feel like I would love to keep this blog as a continuing journal that could encompass both my undergraduate and graduate careers as well as general life events, but I feel as though it links me too much to my past. I can not refuse my own personal history, but this is also a time of renewal for me. My undergraduate career and my personal life during that time was not an exceptional time of my life. It was not until some time last year that I feel that I reached a level of academic and personal stability. I have spent a great amount of time struggling with “who do I want to be?” and it slowed me down and confused me for far too long.

There is actually another blog that has been prepared since about March for the purpose of having another blog just for academic pursuits. Temporarily the blog is placed at acad.cmkularski.net, but that will likely change to something more unique if I decide that I actually wish to use it.