Summer 2011 Course Descriptions

Sociology of Gender Roles [SOCI400]
Heather Griffiths
A course examining the social determinants of gender role identity, with emphasis on the relationship between gender role identity and personality, personal and professional relationships, work, religion, and general culture, particularly the culture of the United States. — 3 hours


Urban Sociology [SOCI442]
Jilly M. Ngwainmbi
A study of urbanism as a way of life; the growth and development of urban areas; urban social organization; change and problems of contemporary urban life; ecological patterning; urban planning; and problems of control. — 3 hours


History and Culture of the Ancient Greeks [LBST2101]
Dale Grote
The History and Culture of the Ancient Greeks. This section focuses on the cultural achievements and historical experience of the ancient Greeks and their legacy to the West. The course is divided into four units: (1) Homer’s Iliad, (2) The Persian Threat, (3) Material Culture, and (4) Greek Philosophies. — 3 hours


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