Last Minute Change

In a crazy decision regarding what would be best for my academic career, I have decided to make an adjustment to my Summer 2011 semester at Fayetteville. The semester starts on Monday morning, and something about my schedule was bothering me. I have decided on a variety of factors to drop “Urban Sociology” and instead add “Advanced Composition”.

I have only a minimal interest in Urban Sociology, and cannot at this time convince myself to dedicate my energy for summer to such a course. I do not particularly get along with the instructor, do not think I will be that interested in the course material and even if I were to complete the BA in Sociology program, the course would only count as an elective. Advanced Composition on the other hand, I have no knowledge of the instructor, except for a few emails that she and I have exchanged in the past, in which she seemed very pleasant. The course has no relevance to the degree program at all, but I do believe it will be useful in my upcoming graduate program, as well as in future academic pathways that I may find myself in. Perhaps this will also help me resolve my recent difficulties in expressing myself as clearly as I want in written form.

I cannot recall a time in the past when I have made such a dramatic schedule change this close to the beginning of a semester.


Advanced Composition [ENGL341]
Trela N. Anderson
A study of rhetorical strategies, sentence combining, editing, logic and persuasion, diction, usage, and research methods. — 3 hours


Posted from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.