Joyful Rejoicing

I have received notification from the Gender Studies department at UNC-Charlotte that I have been recommended for admission to the graduate program. This does not mean that I am fully admitted, but the last step, the approval of the graduate school is purely a formality. I am told by Dr. Stephenson that I should have official notification from the graduate school after about 2 weeks of bureaucracy. Once I receive the official “offer”, I will be permitted to accept and fully enroll in the program.

At the moment I am very excited, and somewhat relieved. After being denied admission to Cognitive Science I became extreamly nervous about this application. I am still a bit surprised that I have been recommended for the program, and am not sure I will fully believe that i’m in until I get the admissions letter.

I feel more like I can plan for my future now that I have been recommended for the program, and now I feel like I can plan for additional programs to complete in parallel. I guess I was right about all signs pointing to this being the right program for me. I’m looking forward to exploring the dynamics of masculinity during the fall semester.