Fall 2011 Courses

I have delayed posting about my fall 2011 courses due to my program of study being somewhat indeterminate until recently. The schedule itself is still somewhat flexible, due to the fact that I have not yet consulted with my advisor about the final plan for my program.

The graduate level courses I plan to take are the following:

Philosophy and Social Justice [PHIL6050]
Prerequisite: Permission of the department. In-depth treatment of selected problems and issues in philosophy. May be repeated for additional credit as topics vary.

Covers theories of justice from Plato to Rawls and non-violent strategies in the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, the gay rights movement, and the issues relating to immigration and poverty/homelessness. Beyond using established historical and contemporary philosophical texts on these issues, the class has several guest speakers. — 3 hours

Research Methods [RSCH6101]
Identification of logical, conceptual, and empirical research problems; application of methods and procedures, including conducting library research, interpreting research findings, and preparing reviews of related literature. (Fall, Spring, Summer) — 3 hours

Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality [WGST6601]
An interdisciplinary examination of the history of sexuality and contemporary theories of sexuality and the body. Topics covered include historical aspects of sexuality; representations of sexuality; politics of sexuality; critiques of psycho-analytic approaches to sexuality; feminist engagement with biological constructions of sexuality; and queer theory. — 3 hours

PHIL 6050 in its standard catalog definition does not count toward my program, but I intend to seek approval to use it in my degree program from the program director because the course focuses on two areas that are covered by my program, and contains concepts that could be beneficial to be knowledgeable of if I were to use a directed topics course to close out my program.

RSCH6101 I know will not apply to my active program no matter what, but applies to other programs that I intend to go into in the future (primarily MA Counseling). Having the course already completed will benefit my application for the programs, as well as help me have some requirement already met. Taking this course also helps meet the requirements for being a full-time graduate student.

WGST6601 is a core course in my current program. The course represents the primary reason I am in my present program.

Posted from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.