GITI Gets Fit

As with any great change in my life, the Getting It Together Interface will be changing with me. In the next few days, the Health module (to be called Heath and Fitness Module) will gain a nutrition component to supplement the existing workout component. The components will then be integrated into the common module. During this change, the Exercise module will likely become more complex and more able to handle the complexity of routines I will be doing. Exercise will become more about planning and scheduling than recording data. For too long GITI has been about recording data that won’t mean shit to anyone in 6 months, so its time for a change, time to get GITI more involved in my life and helping in its improvement. The new nutrition component will be able to calculate my dietary needs based on information that it knows about me and will be able to make suggestions as to the profile of foods that I should eat. Maybe eventually I will get the cookbook module written and it will be able to suggest specific foods that I should eat.
One thing I think this will reveal about GITI is that it is a very personal thing. GITI isn’t the type of application you can create an account on and instantly get what you need from it. GITI has to know a lot about you before it can help you. If I ever open GITI to the world, each module will require a “getting acquainted” survey, as well as probably a synopsis of the logic used to write each module. Some things are too specific to ever be for everyone though, such as the sneaker management utility (its friendly name is “collection”).
I think if I put enough effort into GITI’s Health and Fitness module, I will learn more than I ever wanted to know about the topic of fitness, but also will be more dedicated to it than before the existence of the module. The fun part will be using the creation once its finished and having it dictate what workouts I do and what I eat.