Final Weekend

My final pre-university weekend is upon me. Most of the weekend will be spent doing normal things I do, working on the GITI project, talking to friends, etc. I will also be finalizing getting my bags, books and other supplies ready for Monday. I will also probably be doing some last minute purchasing for Monday. I want to be completely prepared. Anyone think I can justify a GPS as an educational expense? I am still worried about not being able to get where I need to be on campus. My navigational skills suck, this is not a theory, but a proven fact (roadmaps out of a paper bag come to mind). I have also considered purchasing a domain name on Monday morning to commerate the occasion of me becoming a university student. I am always accused of under utilization of my domain name property, but I use them for various things. I have at least 1 TCP service assigned to every domain name I own and they have their own purposes. My days of owning 17 domains are behind me, but I find myself now thinking I need a domain name that is mine.
Back to the college topic, as most of my friends have gone to different colleges I am now figuring out who my real friends are and who just needed someone they could count on for technical help. Matt Lamb, Guy and a few others have been in constant contact with me during the entire summer and into these last few days before classes. Some others, like Jeff have been out of communication and are now subject to being dropped from my address book in a few weeks. In orignal plans for my address book I decided to keep all contacts even the ones that I don’t communicate with. This policy has now changed, I want only people in my address book who belong there.
Life as it has been for me is about to change. I have been sheltered more than most people have up until this point. On Monday I will begin the seperation from my parents and begin to embark on a journey of my own. This journey will lead me to education, a job, a house and maybe a family. From that point I will be independant, but never truely on my own. My family has a very unique and close structure, nothing ever violates that. It is nice to know that I have such a strong support group, but it is sort of depressing because no matter what I will always return to this one central group of people.