Fears, Dreams, Conflict

Mentally I am having a strange week. Started out Monday doing great, Tuesday was pretty good other than a slight quirk which resulted from visiting UNCC. Today (Wednesday) I am deep in emotion and stress and fear as a result of the thought of the pending adventure to take place on Monday. Monday ends my summer vacation (which didn’t start until July 21) and I begin several months of classes, every day Monday through Friday. I have never quite had this type of a reaction to going back to school after a summer. This year I suspect it holds greater meaning because in my adjusted sleep pattern (roughly 1PM – 5AM) I have had a lot of time to myself as well as to develop stronger relationships with my friends.
With entereing UNCC for the first time on Monday I am fearful of making mistakes, primarily in navigation. I fear having to park on campus and then find my way to my classes. After the first week I will know my way around, but the first week won’t be easy. Another controlling fear at the moment is the fear of social interaction. It will happen and when it does it won’t have any negative impact on me, but because of past experiences I still fear initial social interaction issues.
I plan to be at UNCC for three or four years. Because I already have 30 credit hours I can graduate in 3 years, but I love college courses and might stick around for an additional year to take courses in my fields of interest, or I may add some minors to my degree in the proccess. My final decision for major is Management Information Systems, I dont forsee needing to make any changes to it any time soon.
I have been strongly encouraged to be social and get involved on campus in my time at UNCC. I don’t know what will happen with that, but I have a few hours of spare time each day in my schedule, I can use it however I like, it is very possible I will use it for doing activities to become involved in the campus, or my own social life.
4 days, 12 hours, 14 minutes to go….