4 Day Weekend!

I left UNCC at 2PM on Friday and I don’t have to be back until 6PM on Tuesday. I visited with family on Friday afternoon and into the evening. On Saturday I didn’t do much at all, sort of recovered from my week. Today has just really begun for me, ive only been awake for about 3 hours. Today I will likely work on doing some stuff that is due in my classes next week.
Last night I was talking to Chris on the phone and I realized how much I immitate his behavior in certain areas, such as the way we deal with defective computer equipment or the reactions we have to certain events in our lives. I don’t mind this that much, but it is kinda weird how it has started happening without me noticing. Both of us are very excentric at times, but perfectly calm at other times. There are so many times when I am glad that I found a friend like him, there aren’t many like him.
As I mentioned in an earlier entry, college causes a lot of changes in a person’s life. This was made disturbingly clear to me this weekend when I was talking to Matt Lamb. Matt has always been the quiet guy who does nothing wrong and is the perfect straight A student. This image of him was changed dramatically this weekend when I was informed that he was upset because there were no good parties on campus and he couldn’t find any decent alchohol. I instantly found myself reevaluation my previous perceptions of his personality and strength of character. In reevaluating I had to remind myself that people are dynamic and not everyone is as anal as I am about living a clean and healthy life. From birth I have been constantly trained to do what is healthy, right, ethical or proper. In this training the aspect of allowing for some amount of fun and experimentation/exploration was left out. I am too stable, too normal and perhaps too boring as a person as a result. I find myself at times wishing to change the way things are with me, but find that I only come out of my pre-trained shell when forced, and even then it is just temporary.
For so many years I have done only what is required or scheduled for me. Now I am in a situation where I have control of my own life more than I ever have in the past, it is going to take time for me to learn to deal with this in a correct mannor. In the past year everything I have done during my day has been scheduled in GITI. It probably is neither safe nor sane to have every detail of my life electronicly recorded and planned like this.
Until the next unscheduled blog…im out.