Yesterday was a decent day for me, with the exception of Dr. Noland rejecting my requested article for review. I wanted to review an article about the correlation between the stress caused by being male and math performance. Dr. Noland states that the article doesn’t meet the criteria of being relavent to Abnormal Psychology. Oh well, I guess I will try again with anoher article (or battery of articles) next week.
Last night I stayed up until about 7AM today, then I got up at 10:30AM to get started on my day. Suprisingly I had energy, and I have energy now. I anticipate a premature expiration later this evening, but I probably have a few more good hours to go yet.
Today was Friday, so it was my short day. I went to Logic this morning, Dr. Preseler was late and she was also in a very good mood. Almost to the point of being giddy. I have never seen her as disorganized as she was this morning. Disorganization of other people amuses me, while me being disorganized or having anything out of place completely annoys me. Dr. Preseler gave another quiz this morning. She thew out the grades from the first quiz because she felt that it was flawed and wasn’t a good interpretation of what we know. I wish more of my classes we like hers, I at least know where I stand in there. I know that I am doing OK in her class and at the moment have a good chance at coming out of the course with an A. The next course I had today was Physics, same basic thing as always in there today, took some notes, worked some problems. I am not sure how I will do in physics in the end. There are only homework assignments and 3 tests, then the final exam. Physics is highly mathy, but not as complicated as Biology, so im still glad I am taking the course, but my success isn’t gurananteed. I made a decision today about my seat placement in Physics. Ryan (my lab partner) looks extreamly lonely in class, and there is an open seat beside him, so I am thinking about sitting beside him. The seat couldn’t be any worse than my present one, I have one-on-one direct eye contact with Dr. Naeini. I feel like I am in the teacher’s-pet-seat and it is very uncomfortable.
Since I am reviewing my academic progress lets go for the other classes too. Im not sure how im going to do in “Masterpieces of Western Art”/”Western History and Culture”, it seems very lecture driven, which works for me when I am able to pay attention and not be bored. I am not interested in that course that much. Enlgish 1102 is fine. I am grasping the concepts and the grades are all based on papers! That pretty much says “A” to me. I have this weird ability to write in such a way that instructors love. I have always been a more mature writer than most of my peers, for once it makes me not a freak. Betsy and I are getting along fine, she is a nutcase, she knows it and on top of that she is used to technical writing. Abnormal Psyc is the next course. The material of the course will be psychological disorders. I think I will do ok in the class as long as I am able to pay attention, which so far im doing fine at. It is the type of course where I dont feel propelled to take notes. I feel more like just relaxing and listening to what is being said. I am hoping for an A in the course, but with only 4 tests and 5 journals the fates in control of my grades may have other ideas. My lab class is way too early in the day, but overall it is ok. ok, this concludes my academic report.
Today when I finished Physics I exited the campus and came right home. Much to my delight the ugly plastic owl that I got into a fight with last night has been put in the garage and I dont have to look at it. I haven’t done much since I have been home in the way of actual doing of things that need to be done (read as: I didn’t tell GITI I did anything). I have had a large number of phone calls today, none of which were truely personal. Everyone who called seemed to need technical assistance in some form or another. Anyone know how to get a 900 number set up? Nothing hit voice mail today while I was gone, so no calls to return, YIPPEE!
Between taking phone calls I added some minor changes to GITI’s schedule system for how it handles class scheduling with the normal scheduling and I prepped the database table of scheduler to handle multiple occurance types of schedules. I will probably add Class Schedule to it also at some point (merging tables, yes i have a free weekend). the principal aspects of the two schedule systems are virtually the same now that the primary schedule tool will be doing occurance based things. I will still have to add a check and update script to the education scheduler for correcting things after a user has screwed with the dates. Another aspect that will have to be taken care of is the lack of a method for dismissing a reoccuring schedule item. Schedule is the oldest GITI component and it shows it. I am almost tempted to rewrite the whole thing for convienience. With all of the things I am using to reference across the GITI system I might eventually end up having to ask Chris to teach me how to do table joins in SQL. Sometimes I feel so inferior to him. He knows so much more than I ever will about certain things. Of the two of us he is the more likely to be depressed it seems, but yet he is more ambitious than I ever would dream of being. He for some reason is blind to his own accomplishments though. Talented people like him shouldn’t feel the need to be confined by the restrictions of society. Society is “Normal”, or “average” or “[insert favorite euphamism for the middle 68% here]”. People who go above and beyond shouldn’t be restricted to the same rules of normal as the rest of the societal drones. Whats weird is that by my own self assesment I can’t determine where I fit in. As my overall self am I normal or different? Am I below everyone else? I guess these are questions that I can’t validly ask myself.
Norms are very unusual things in the universal context. Humans are supposed to be organized, anything below is unorganized and anything above is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, why? I myself am starting to worry that I may be approaching being overly organized with all of the stuff I am doing to GITI. I fear breaking GITI because I fear breaking my ability to track events of my life and have every detail scheduled.
Why does no one ever comment in my blog? Does it suck that bad?
I will now return my fine readers to their normal full functioning lives and away from my depressed pit of despair that is my blog….
“Live Long and Prosper” – Wise Vulcan Philosopher