My present life projects.

A few months ago I submitted an Internet Draft to the IETF and RFC Editor for review, and I pre-maturely requested publication. In the past few weeks as I have reviewed what went on during that time I have decided that I need to work on some of the weak points of the document and submit it to the IESG once again and actually work with the Area Director and Document Sheperds to get the document up to RFC quality and maybe have a shot at getting it published in the RFC archive for eternity. Its probably a stupid idea, but it will give me an aditional project to put some energies into.
On to another project, I walked longer than normal tonight, which is a definate plus for me. I now just have to get myself to do all of the various crunches, reverse crunches, etc. I have given some thought to building a small set of railings for me to use for suspended workouts. Suspended workouts are very efficient, they allow for upper body workouts at the same time as an abdominal workout.
Today I had my normal Monday, Wednesday classes; Logic, Physics and English 1102. Logic was just logic, as always. Dr. Presler doesn’t change much. Physics was another lovely day of notes being taken, and some teaching took place. I am starting to like the way Dr. Naeini is using technology in the course, he can see how all of us are doing and adjust schedules, deadlines, etc based on that to make the course move at the right speed. He actually cares about how we do, which is kinda cool for an instructor at a University like that. English was a wild experience. Betsy had us to act out fallacies that we were assigned to read about. It took nearly the entire class time, but was a lot of fun, plus I think we all know what all the fallacies are now. The rain made today suck a little, but its required, so I guess no complaints can be logically filed against it.
Tommorrow I have my Physics Lab and Abnormal Psychology. This has been a really short week for me. Next week will probably be painful in comparison.
I must now and go in search of future complications of my life…