In high school the most dreaded word was “homework”, in college it is a bit different. Homework is a chance to boost your grade and most classes don’t have homework on any grand level. I just completed my 2nd Physics homework assignment, it was challenging, but at the same time I felt like I was actually learning the material. In addition, it was kinda fun. The most dreaded words in college seem to be “pop quiz”. Dr. Preseler just can’t seem to say it enough though.
As for my non-academic world today. One of my high school friends, Matt Cloninger, gave me one of his GMail invites today and I am now hooked up with that. Not sure what I will use the address and associated space (1000MB) for, but I will find some use im sure. I didn’t get too creative with the address, I went with the default of firstname.lastname. This situation gives me an interesting perspective of my own email server though. I have roughly 80,000MB (80GB) availible for my email in actuallity, but I like the idea of having the 1000 MB reserved just for email on GMail. For more about GMail visit GMail.com.
I talked to Jeff a little today from NCSU, I sort of wish I was going to one of the schools in the NC triad area. Matt Creedmore is at Greensboro College, Jeff and Guy at NCSU, Lamb at Duke. There are a lot of HST people in this area too, but none that I want to be around. This current situation feels like I was in port (graduation), but managed to get on the wrong ship (UNCC) and should be on a ship going to the same location as my closest friends (that would be the good ships UNCG, NCSU, Duke and pretty much anything but UNCC or GC. ). If I remember correctly I wanted to be on this ship (UNCC) because it came with familiar quarters (my bedroom, server room and kitchen). I think I want some adventure in my life, I want to be away from all things safe, normal and familar for once in my life. I plan to apply to some of the other schools (including MIT and UC Berkeley) to test viability of my options at this point. I also will be applying for scholarships so I can have more flexibility in my educational options. I would love to go to University of California at Berkeley, it would be fulfilling a dream of mine. Perhaps I will do something that drastic for my graduate school career. My vision of my life is always focused on a single goal that I consider significant, my previous goal of this position was actually going to UNCC. Thats been accomplished, and as such leaves a vacancy for something that needs accomplishing in the academic slot. I am currently working on my fall-back goal of getting GITI completed, but that is a lower priority project that can be extended to being incomplete even if i work on it several hours per day, everyday until my death (lets theorize i will live until like 105 or so). Its nice having a fallback project, but its like having a life goal of making first contact with an alien race, it just isn’t practical. As with most of my hobbies I will one day get bored with GITI and declare it finalized.
Back to academics temporarily, I still have a paper to finish in draft form for English by Monday. It is a technical paper of sorts, so I will babble my way through it and try to not make it to polished on the first run through. I tend to write papers and marry myself to the way something is written to the extent that I would be happy with it being written in stone. If I could do that with GITI code we would be making progress. I am looking forward to some of the next papers in the course where we can get really detailed. I anticipate great amounts of fun with Microsoft Word.
On my body structuring project I am getting a little farther, I have been working different components of my abs each day (on a 3 day cycle) and my walks are still occuring. I don’t think I will give up this time. I have a goal in mind that I want too badly to do that. If progress becomes substantial then pics will be posted here.
Still no comments to the blog, I guess I will just have to keep writing to myself. My server shows me that some people are grabbing my RSS feed, so i know someone is out there. Come on, readers of my mindless babble, make yourselves known!