Overload – Vectors, Syllogisms and Old Art

It finally happened, I am experiencing mental burn out!
At one month into my college career I am feeling as though my brain is having to wrap around huge, ungraspable concepts and we aren’t being successful. My primary problem is vectors in physics. I am used to having equations for everything pre-derived for me(thats what we have old guys for right?) and just having to essentially “plug and chug” the numbers. I am having to do a lot more conceptual modeling than i previously would have ever done. I have tried using Google to find information on the topic, but nothing is revealing itself as being very useful. I had a similar problem in high school physics, and I was hoping to be able to find my old notebood and use information in it, but it is no where to be found. Wait, nevermind, found it in the other closet. Oh well, nothing usefull in there anyway. I guess its back to checking Google and attempting to piece together some amount of a clue. Physics test Monday, yippee!
In Dedeductive Logic I am having some minor syllogism issues. It was worse last night with homework than it is now. I feel like I understand it a little better now than I did last night at least. I think I will just need to practice with these, I remember when I was first introduced to oppositions, I thought for sure I wouldn’t get it, but now I do. Once Dr. Preseler explained the stuff a little more today it was a lot clearer. I asked her for an extension to the homework, she agreed, so I get to go at it again, this time with fresh knowledge of what I am doing.
Western History and Culture is a class that has only met a few times, the first test is Tuesday evening. I am worried because I don’t know the material that well. There are too many things that we have looked at that I just simply cant remember every detail about. I will review thoroughly this weekend and hope for the best. It is really becoming a history class and I just dont have that type of a mental proccess to handle that. I am logical in nature, as such, I work with things like GITI to keep my factual information in order.
With Abnormal Psychology there is a lot of material, but I am doing fine with it and I think I just need to become a little more absorbed into the material (as long as it isnt in the form of a case study).
Writing In Academic Communication is going fine. I am a good writer, all it takes for me is just a little work on some areas where I have preferences away from the accepted standard.
Today in general went OK, with the exception of the fact that my father was home. I was expecting him to be at work and therefore wasn’t in my nicey pleasant mood to deal with him. Repreccusions of this unknowledge remain to be seen, but the total result likely wont be good.
For those of you who are familiar with my beverage scale for day judgement: I am presently sipping on a 20oz Mt. Dew Code Red and there is another on standby in the fridge.
Reccomendation for anyone in contact with Curtis in the next 36 hours: stay alert for sudden mood shifts, volitile temperment is likely.