Time to Commit!

With the way things in my life have been lately, me being out of the house and in class or other locations constantly it is time for me to rededicate my commitment to my body. Over two years ago(May 2002) I began a series of life changes to make me into a more acceptable me, based on my standards. During the 2002 summer my weight changed from 185 to 135 in just a few weeks, due to me feeling fat, ugly and generally unhealthy. The 135 weight was abnormal and didn’t last very long, I bounced up to 145 where I stayed for a while. This year after some growing and muscle gain I am now to 150. When I look at myself I still see myself as unacceptable and fat. I have been trying to convince myself that my weight is normal and that nothing is wrong with me. During early Summer 2004 I discovered the true problem, I lack muscle mass in key areas, such as the abs.
I have been working on my abs and other muscles on and off for the past few months, but I think it is time for me to commit to the task and actually take on the mission seriously and develop some muscle. I have no intention of letting my Freshman-15 be because of fat intake. At some point in the next 5 days I am going to establish an official daily schedule for my life which will include time slots for exercise and other tasks that I need to complete during my days. This level of organization will help me stay focused on my current goals. I have committed myself to a project similar to this before and succeded. I can and will do it again!
Let the crunches begin!