ExIf 35

With all that has been going on with ExIf 35 and the amount I have blogged about it, it has occurred to me that I haven’t really introduced the app on my blog at all, outside of the problems I have been having with getting things working exactly the way that I want.

First, a screenshot:

The application is designed for film photographers (me) to store information about each exposure on a roll. The original intent of the application was to simply store the information into an XML file, but after that portion of the application was finished being written I added the ability for the application to write the information in the image file for the scanned negative or print. At some point I also decided that I wanted to keep up with lens information, which of course required me to learn a new skill of putting information into the files using XMP, what a joyful experience that was. Now the application is on the path to fully utilizing XMP, including contact information (I still have to put that feature in). I am also working on utilizing some custom fields in XMP that will store the information that is specific to the film process, such as the film type, developing chemicals used and the date the roll was developed. I intend to in the future (when the application has a web presence) to post the specifications for the custom fields that I utilize. In the future I may also add functionality for managing the rolls and not just the images on the rolls.

This is the form used to add or edit images on a roll.

This form is used to manage the lenses available to the exposures.

Finally, this form will be used to write the information to the JPEG files. As you can see, it also allows the inclusion or not of other information.


SourceForge Project: https://sourceforge.net/projects/exif35/

Download From: https://sourceforge.net/projects/exif35/files/ (latest has Windows icon beside it)