Lens Information Stored

Finally, I have managed to store lens information in my JPEG files! It isn’t using ExIf though, because honestly, it’s way too hard and would require me learning way too much information about how the Makernote segment of ExIf works. As an alternative, I am using XMP. XMP is an Adobe developed standard based on XML that is embedded into JPG files (or as a standalone beside RAW). I am so far using two fields of XMP that come from Microsoft’s standards used for Windows Vista/7’s image management tools, those are /xmp/MicrosoftPhoto:LensManufacturer and /xmp/MicrosoftPhoto:LensModel as well as /xmp/xmp:lens and /xmp/aux:Lens. I’ve gone from having 0 places for lens information to having 3 places for lens information. At this point I am just happy it’s in there, but now that I am using XMP, I have more places to put information which means I can allow for the option of storing more information in the files. I now have intentions on letting ExIf 35 store contact information in the files when the option is selected. Additional things I would like to store is things like the chemicals used in developing and a better way to do the film information, other than just a user comment area that states “Shot on ____ film”. Because things are moving more digital, I am likely to have to write my own schema addition to XMP and store the information. It’s likely that the only thing that will read those fields is ExIf 35 itself, but I’m hopeful that if it has to be done, I might be able to convince Flickr to adopt my schema addition as well, since it is quite likely it would be the only one anywhere near supporting film information. All of this information is relevant to the image, and it would be great to get it all in.