Deciphering the Moods and Desires of People

Life is quite strange when dealing with these mortals called humans. Do exactly what you believe that these humans desire and then they change what they desire, making your actions and assumptions wrong. If you sit back and make no active change to appease them, they expect for you to have known their desires. Where is the balance and the fairness in interactions? I find the social expectations of individuals to be quite hard to read. You do what you think will make people happy, and then you find yourself alone in a library, staring mindlessly out of a window watching all of the other happy people wander around, carefully avoiding such horrible social situations. If is very uncomfortable to discover that you have no clue what another person truly wants or expects. There are so many variables in social interactions that it is impossible to know. Maybe one day I will figure him out, maybe one day I will understand, but for now, I am confused and alone.